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Games Jams & Contests



At the same time as school, I had the chance to participate in many Game Jams and at a Ubisoft contest. These events allowed me to train my Game Design but also programming, graphics, user experience, level design, etc... 

And even when I finished school, I continued and I will continue to participate in this kind of event!

In this section, you'll find all the "out of school" game projects on different events like Ludum Dare, GAme CHAllenge Jam, Tubecon Game Jam, Global Game Jam and my Ubisoft Contests.

Ready ? Let's Play !

Ubisoft Contests

Description :

These contests are reserved for women (and non-binary people for the 2021 version), organized by Ubisoft Paris (and Ubisoft Annecy for the 2021 version).


It takes place in 3 steps during 52 weeks.

You'll have to, from a pitch based on a given theme, create a playable demo, the whole with a summoned mentor


Steps :

1) A theme will be given by Ubisoft and we'll have to send a pitch about content based on the given theme. It could be literal or derived. 

2) If the pitch is validated, the next step is to create a complete document that explains the content in detail and described the creation's process of this content. 

3) At this time, the document is validated, every mentoree will have one or two summoned mentors for the rest of the contest. 

Next and final step: Create the content described in the complete document with the help of the mentors.

4) Make a gameplay video of the content and send it with the content to Ubisoft for the debate of the best final content.

5) An ending ceremony day is organized for the mentoree with the mentors and organizers. During this day: conventions, discussions, goodies, and announcement of the selection of the contents as best.

2019 / 2021

I had the chance to participate twice in this contest and to be twice one of the finalist !

The first contest was named Ubisoft Future Women In Games (UFWIG) and it was organized by Ubisoft Paris in 2019, based on the concept of Ubisoft Montréal. 

The second one was organized by Ubisoft Paris and Ubisoft Annecy in 2020 and was named Womxn Develop At Ubisoft (WDAU).

Here are my contents :

Unusual Morning Routine


Play (soon)



Play (soon)

Ludum Dare

Description :

Ludum Dare is an online game jam event where games are made from scratch during a weekend.

It happens every April and October.

There are 2 types of content during this event: Compo and Jam. Compo is for people who do the event alone and lasts 48h. Jam is for a group of a minimum of 2 people and lasts 72 hours.

2018 - 2021

Since 2018, I regularly participate at this game jam because I really like the atmosphere of it !

People who participate are always really chill and the games that came out of it are so different, funny and innovative !

Here are my contents :

New !




Little Sun Road Trip



The Curse



Life, Hold Up!






Global Game Jam

Description :

The GGJ is the world's largest game jam event taking place around the globe.

People can participate from their homes or at the selected locations that could welcome participants. 

It lasts 48 hours and it starts at the same time for every country: from Friday late afternoon to Sunday afternoon. Always at the end of January.

From now, I only participated once
but I worked on two games at the same time !


At this time, it was the 3rd time that I did a Game Jam "outside". I knew how it would take place with all that came with: meet people, getting a role, organization, and start.

Except that this time, I was in a group of strangers with a friend of mine, and a group of 2 people came to ask us if we (my friend and me) could help them with the graphics of their game during the event. Of course, we accepted!

It was going to be a great challenge for us.

Here are my contents :

Tricky Traps


Tubecon Game Jam

Description :

Tubecon is a community-driven international YouTube event that gathers YouTube creators and their audiences in arena-sized public events.

The Tubecon event program is built in collaboration with local online influencers and it includes multiple program elements such as Meet & Greets, Tubecon Video Awards, panels, and concerts.



Here is my content :

Need for Seed

GAme CHAllenge

Description :

GACHA is reputed to be the hardest French game jam.

It lasts 72 hours and is limited to 150 participants.

For the 6th edition, the ETPA school joined Ubisoft to support this event.

The board, who helped groups during this event, was made up of developers of Ubisoft Montpellier and of the two originators of this event who are old employees of Ubisoft Montreal.

First game jam "outside" for me.
But also first game jam in a group of 12 people !


When I participated at the GACHA, I was still in my first year of school, so my skills in software and knowledge in design were reduced. I choose the Game Design role and the teams were made randomly by the organizers according to our role and the number of each role in each team. In my team, we ended to be 4 classmates together, while others were strangers. 

It was my first experience in an event like this and it was a great experience! I meet people, discover other ways of working, succeed to put myself in the spotlight when necessary but most of all we worked hard! And it paid!

Special Mention of the Board

Here is my content :


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